Full Service Recording

Cherry Sound Studio features two fully outfitted studios. Studio A is tailored for axxoustic, jazz and rock recording production. Studio B caters to tracking, hip-hop and rap, voice-over, ADR and sound-to-picture production.

Mixing & Mastering

Cherry Sound Studio combines the power of the latest digital audio technologies, including Cubase, ProTools and other DAW tools, combined with the highest-end analogue boards and rack components that produce the world-class audio sound that the market has come to expect from professional recording projects.

Voiceover • Tracking • ADR • Sound-to-Picture

Cherry Sound Studio’s newest room, Studio B, is a dedicated room and workstation, specifically created for Voiceover, Tracking, ADR and Sound-to-Picture production. Complete with the latest technologies, Studio B is a media audio post-production dream.

Producing • Engineering • Recording • Voice Talent

Cherry Sound Studio’s staff of engineers and producers is at our clients’ service. Beyond our expert in-house creative talent, we have an extensive talent pool of studio musician and voice-over talent that we can facilitate almost any kind of production that your project requires.